Improve you equpment, forge, smelt or Desenchant equipment.

Improve workshp to increase smelter appearance rate, also improving the Treasure


  1. Smelting allow you to forge helms.
  1. You need make 10 smelting to forge helm or peace of helm.
  1. Every smelting add quality and cost Gold x 500 at base, VIP players can you warpstones to get more quality on smelting.
  1. The more quality allow to forge high level helm or helm piece.
  1. Every smelting can add or upgrade Blacksmith - when you have high level blacksmith it is give more quality on every smelting.
  1. You can hire Blacksmith 10 times a day by warpstones.
  1. After 72 hours all Blacksmith are gone, and you need hire them again. 

Blacksmith ListEdit









Quality GradeEdit

Grade 1 (Quality 1500-2299): Gula's Helm, Bloodplinter Cap, Hero's Crested Helm, Phantasmal Helmet

Grade 2 (Quality 2300-3399): Bloodplinter Cap, Hero's Crested Helm, Phantasmal Helmet, Villagers Headpiece, Moon-Arc Cap

Grade 3 (Quality 3400-3899): Villagers Headpiece, Moon-Arc Cap, Ocean Stained Headguard, Gold-inlaid Suit Card Piece, Victors Helmet

Grade 4 (Quality 3900-4899): Gold-inlaid Suit Card Piece, Victors Helmet, Infinity Plate Card Piece, Gula's Helm Card Piece

Workshop Upgrade CostEdit

Building Level Upgrade Cost

Gold x 739,335

Eternite x 530


Gold x 787,392

Eternite x 543

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