Improves Technology, Fighting Ability. and Improves Bonuses.

Improve Academy in order to increase technological capacity, tech cap, also improving will increase the Treasury.

Tech ListEdit

Name Description
Assault Improves Hero Attack Rating.
Command Increases Heroes troop command.
Defense Improves Hero Defence Rating.
Parry Improves Close Combat Units Defence Rating.
Fortification Improves Ranged Units Defence Rating.
Maneuvers Improves Fliers Defence Rating.
Unbreakable Improves Hero HP.
Tenacity Increases Close Combat Units HP.
Endurance Increases Ranged Units HP.
Wings of Steel Increases Fliers HP.
Smite Increases Close Combat Units attack Rating.
Precision Increases Ranged Units attack Rating.
Swoop Increases Fliers attack Rating.
Devotion Your soldiers will deal more damage!
For Glory! Increases the amount of Honor Tokens you will recieve
Resistance You army will take less damage from attacks
Destruction Makes your army hit harder!

Academy Upgrade Cost Edit

Building Level Upgrade Cost

Gold x 446,729

Cinderwood x 408

Eternite x 408


Gold x 739,335

Cinderwood x 530

Eternite x 530


Gold x 787,932

Cinderwood x 543

Eternite x 543


Gold x 893,079

Cinderwood x 570

Eternite x 570